Babalwa Mneno responds to 'pimp accusations'

22 May 2018 - 07:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Babalwa Mneno says she would never 'pimp a fly'.
Babalwa Mneno says she would never 'pimp a fly'.
Image: Via Instagram

Babalwa has dismissed accusations that she's involved in sex trafficking  young girls to rich guys for a fee, after Twitter detectives accused her of luring young women through social media.

The allegations against Babalwa were published on Twitter by the @AdvBarryRoux parody account. He shared a screenshot of a conversation in which it was suggested Babalwa was a pimp.

"I’ve never pimped a fly!" Babalwa came out guns blazing at the tweep.

The accusations that Babalwa was allegedly using her gigs as a club hostess to pimp young girls were made over the weekend.

Babalwa defended herself saying she couldn't possibly be a "pimp" and that she had actually previously exposed girls who would DM her with hopes to be pimped or hooked up with rich men.

While many said that the allegations could not have been totally random, others jumped to Babalwa's defence.  

This article has been amended to remove a paragraph about similar accusations being made on social media against another socialite.