The viral video of 'drunk' Siya Nkosi calls cops' 'professionalism' into question

22 May 2018 - 09:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Siyabonga Nkosi was arrested for drunk driving on March 26 but a video of him only went viral recently.
Siyabonga Nkosi was arrested for drunk driving on March 26 but a video of him only went viral recently.
Image: Via Instagram

A video of soccer star Siyabonga Nkosi being arrested allegedly for driving under the influence has gone viral and has also cast the spotlight on professionalism amongst police officers.

The video was initially shared on all social media platforms on Friday and has been doing the rounds since. It has also caused a widespread debate with Siyabonga being slammed for his rudeness and for allegedly assaulting a female police officer.

However, it has also raised questions around the soccer star's rights as the video was apparently captured by police officers. 

Even though the incident occurred in Match it only emerged this weekend. 

JMPD’s chief superintendent Wayne Minnaar confirmed that Siyabonga was arrested on charges of drunken driving. 

"What I can confirm with regards to the video that is out, is that that person in the video is being charged with drunken driving. The incident was on March 26 and that incident was at Sandton Metro police office."

Sandton police spokesperson Granville Meyer told TshisaLIVE that he had no knowledge of the viral video. 

Meyer would also not be drawn into commenting on assault claims made on the video or questions about a person's rights when being processed by police. 

"I didn’t watch the video in question," wrote Captain Meyer in an email to TshisaLIVE.

In the video in question, which features Siyabonga being processed at a police station, the former Kaizer Chiefs player is seen trying to call someone on the phone while a female police officer is sitting on a chair writing down a statement.

He can be heard asking a police officer to remove the cuffs off his hands.

In another video clip, Siyabonga can be heard asking why they are taking pictures.

Siyabonga could be heard accusing cops of apparently thinking they were bigger than the law and then walked towards the female officer, who was filming the debacle and hit the cellphone out of her hand.