Anatii's all about embracing & expressing his culture and heritage

23 May 2018 - 07:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Anatii's latest music video tells a spiritual tale form different perspectives.
Anatii's latest music video tells a spiritual tale form different perspectives.
Image: Via Instagram

Anatii is one rapper who has made it impossible to box, because he's given Mzansi so many different sounds that when he dropped Thixo Onofefe visuals it was clear he's left many of his rap peers in the dust.

Most rappers are 'all up in your face' and often fit right into rapper status quo, but not Anatii.

The enigmatic rapper appears to be the kind of person that doesn't say much and only comes alive on stage but he told TshisaLIVE that the trick is to look closely and listen carefully where his music is concerned.

That is the platform he's chosen to share his views.

His latest video for Thixo Onofefe has left his fans in awe.

Since Anatii released the music video for his latest track Thixo Onofefe, his fans have raked their minds coming up with interpretations for the visually powerful music video/short film.

The rapper worked with Tamzyn Botha on the video’s art direction and Jiten Ramlal who was responsible for the cinematography.

Anatii took us on a journey to understanding his music video and latest direcetion in sound.

• Take us through your thinking behind the Thixo Onofefe music video, what inspired the visuals?

The video ‘Thixo Onofefe’ meaning "Almighty God of grace", takes the form of a short
film, which pays homage to every day life and aims to awaken and raise consciousness
in the viewer, inspiring them to overcome hurdles in reaching personal happiness.

This video is a metaphor for the different things that happens in a person’s life. It represents something that is born out of African culture, the mysticism and beliefs that people have.

With the music video I want to encourage people to embrace their own culture and
heritage, and to know that it is okay to be proud of where you come from.

• Symbolism in music videos is a raising trend, are there symbols fans may miss in your music video that you want to point out?

The one thing I would like to point out is the representation of the different dancers to
the 4 elements that are earth, wind, fire and water; this serves as the ingredients for
my awakening.

• Taking spiritualism or God into rap is also a growing trend. Do you think it will
eventually stand out or will still be "overshadowed" by the familiar narrative
dominating (cars, women & bling) rap?

As a Lumiere, I do it with the intention of making it stand out and giving my audience
music that has substance. I believe it is about finding a good balance between music
being made with a conscious intent and making music for partying.

• What can fans expect on your album? Are there any international collabos?

Without revealing too much, together with Courvoisier we will be bringing more vibes to
my fans. I am working non-stop in studio, so they can definitely look forward to more
music this year.

• Anatii has obviously matured from the one who released ArtiiFact, what would he say
has changed in his life that will be audible in his music?

It’s a process of maturing as an artist and being more willing to put oneself out there in
a more vulnerable and honest state. I’m also embracing and expressing my culture and
heritage more.

It looks like a refreshing take on music and on rap and we are ready for it!