IN MEMES: 'Why does everyone on Yobe forgive so easily?' - Twitter

23 May 2018 - 08:50 By Chrizelda Kekana
Siyabonga Twala hosts emotional reality show Yobe.
Siyabonga Twala hosts emotional reality show Yobe.
Image: Via Instagram

While the reality show Yobe revolves around the concept of asking and receiving forgiveness for past sins, Twitter isn't buying into the way every victim "just easily forgives" the person who hurt them or their families.

Last night's episode saw Maduna and his accomplice apologise for murdering Freddie Hunter's dad during a house break in. The two men, who were busy serving their time when they asked the show to intervene, wanted to explain themselves to Freddie.

Their explanation?

They didn't intend on killing anyone. They broke into the house because "white people always have money in the house" and when they went past their house before, they saw them having a good time and decided they "definitely" have money.

Just imagine!

Despite what Twitter thought was a lame apology and lack of remorse from the prisoners, they still "received" their forgiveness and Twitter thought it was too good to be true.