047 is the Eastern Cape boy band you totes have to get to know!

24 May 2018 - 09:07 By Chrizelda Kekana
The boy band from uMthatha is proud to represent home, 047.
The boy band from uMthatha is proud to represent home, 047.
Image: Leroy Jason (Supplied)

In case you didn't know 047 is the uMthatha area code for local calls. No? Well, if you didn't know, the boy band called 047 is here to ensure that you don't sleep on Eastern Cape talent.

The 047 trio members are Sihle (21), Lihle (20) and Ngcali (19) and stole the hearts of Mzansi when they popped up on Vusi Nova's social media.

The boys, who were discovered by Vusi, have finally released their debut album.

"It means so much to us. We are really excited because it's honestly a dream come true.  We never ever thought that this would be something that would happen for us," said the excited trio.

The album, titled Wen’Ungowam, is their first offering and is all about love.

"The album is about love and experiences about love and hurt - what we’ve seen and what we’ve experienced. That’s why we decided to call it Wen’Ungowam."

While Vusi Nova's boys are definitely making a name for themselves, it might be worth your while to know about 047. The boys have big dreams.

1. Who has been responsible for your most iconic lyrics in one of your popular songs?

Bhut’ Vusi. He is such an amazing mentor, he’s taught us a lot and guided us. Because this is also our first ever album. We all have stories to tell and the stories are in each of the songs and he helped us put them into music

2. How do you describe your sound?

Lihle- It's a new sound, with some inspiration from what we’ve heard.

Ngcali - Listening to the music we’ve created and the album as a whole, I’d say its afro pop and urban music, so afro-urban.

3. Who eats the most in the group?

Lihle- Sihle! Without a doubt, this guy doesn’t get full!

Sihle- I eat A LOT. I really love food!

4. Who is the peacemaker?

Sihle - It would have to be Lihle, he is a calm person when it comes to keeping the peace, there has to be someone who can keep it chilled you know.

5. Who is the troublemaker(s)?

Ngcali - Yoh, mhmm, can I say all of us? We have our moments

6. Who is the most stylish in the group?

Lihle - Don’t you want to choose?

Sihle - I think we all have our own style, but most stylish, shu we’d all like to think we are the most stylish

7. Who is the most charming?

Ngcali- We’re all charming, Lihle has that thing! But we all have our things too

8. How would you describe who 047 is to a 10 year old?

Ngcali -047 is a group of three young boys, all the way from uMthatha, who sing songs about love and life that everyone can relate to.  

9. What song holds a lot of sentimental value for each of you from your songs?

Ngcali- Sthandwa sam for me - The song talks about two people who are in love, and shouldn’t let go of one another. 

Lihle- Wen’Ungowam. It just does it for me. It just gets me in my feels, I love it!

Sihle - Hallelujah. Well, I grew up listening to gospel music and was always in church with my parents. I Love gospel music, it speaks to my soul and it also reminds me of my family and childhood and the love I was surrounded by.

10. What legacy does 047 want to leave in S.A. and the world?

Ngcali- I want leave a legacy where when we die, I’ like for our music to still play. For us to be the biggest boy band the world has ever seen, coming out from SA. The Grammy’s BET’s, SAMAs, everything!

Lihle- I'd love for us to be known as the group that created their own sound that made a difference in the music industry. Thatinspired generations to come to not be afraid to try new things and creating their own paths.

Sihle- I’d love for 047 to make a mark on SA, that will educate more people, especially the youngsters of the in SA and the world.