CORRECTION: Dubai 'slay queens' video clips just part of a TV skit

The video has sparked mixed reactions on social media

29 May 2018 - 06:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
Phat Joe is the co-host of the show, Highly Inappropriate.
Image: Supplied Phat Joe is the co-host of the show, Highly Inappropriate.


On Tuesday morning, TshisaLIVE published the story below, relating to the TV show Highly Inappropriate, where two women were interviewed in a segment called Special Investigation with Phat Joe about being paid money by wealthy men to party with them in Dubai.

Posts of the interview went viral and were published on social media platforms, causing widespread debate around the issue of "slay queens" and blessers.

It has since been confirmed to TshisaLIVE that the interview was a skit done by two comedians. 

The producers of the show, which is aired on Moja Love (DStv 157), told TshisaLIVE that regular viewers of the show would know that the segment hosted by Phat Joe was always a skit.

"It was not presented as real. It is clear that this is a skit and the clips on social media were cut during the segment," said production manager Luvhuwani Dagada.

TshisaLIVE apologises for any confusion caused by our earlier report.

The original report

Lately slay queens have totally taken over our timelines and tea break conversations and this latest confession on Moja Love's Highly Inappropriate with Phat Joe has left the internet shook beyond repair.

A video from the show, which plays on the new DStv channel has gone viral after host Phat Joe sat down with the two women who go by name 'Dubai Girls'.

He quizzed them about their frequent trips to Dubai, the kind of lifestyle they're making their money from and how they feel about the labels given to them.

"It depends on which manner you are using it (Dubai Girl) but I generally don't care what people call me. I know why I am there and the benefits."

The benefits included things like getting a boob job and bagging almost a R1-million for a weekend visit.

"A lot happens in Dubai, a lot goes down. Everything is gold, it's like the city of gold."

Lelo and Candice used to go to Dubai to "twerk" till they were introduced to another lifestyle in the Arab city. They told Phat Joe they found better things to do than just twerking, which is "spending dzaddy's money."

Candice (in pink floral) proudly talked about how she introduced Lelo to the lifestyle and even said she convinced her to participate in a threesome.

"Okay what happened was, she's never had a threesome and she was like 'no, I'm just here to twerk and get my money.' I was like 'boo, there's more to this, more money to be made'," said Candice.

They proudly said they don't want boyfriends and they prefer 'dzaddies' because they have more guap.

Firstly, no one has any right to tell two grown women what to do with their lives or their bodies.

That said, their lil excursions were obvs going to stir up some hectic reaction across social media. And boy did the people react!

Tweeps couldn't decide if they were more shocked by the girl's openness and pride when they talked about the things they have to do when securing the bag in Dubai or the amount of money and benefits they claimed to bring back from their trips.

The reaction had everything from shock, to admiration straight to sympathy and disgust.