Abomama's Sis' Dora calling out jezebels in church was just too lit!

Now that's what you call friendship neh?

04 June 2018 - 10:35 By Chrizelda Kekana
Abomama's sis Dora threw a forest of shade in the church.
Abomama's sis Dora threw a forest of shade in the church.
Image: Via Twitter

If you've watched enough church testimony videos then you know by now that there are always chances that the testimony will take a turn for the worst and that is exactly what happened when Abomama's Dora took the podium.

Dora had a reason to testify, her family was going through a hard time after her daughter was involved in a car accident. She stood up to proclaim that she'd seen God's love in the storm because her daughter was healing.

Then just as the amens and hallelujahs were heating up, Dora changed the gear and chose to address 'jezebels' in the church. According to Dora Jezebels are women who smile with you and then cheat with your husband.  

As a friend to Mam'fundisi, Dora has been bothered by Raki whose affair with Bab'mfundisi resulted in a son being born. Dora went in with the 'jezebel' sermon, directed at Raki (and others in the church).

Needless to say, Twitter was left in stitches.

And when she said, 'can I get an amen Raki?' this was us: