'You can love a person & still move on,' says Vusi Nova

04 June 2018 - 09:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Vusi Nova says one long term relationship scarred him for life.
Vusi Nova says one long term relationship scarred him for life.
Image: Via Instagram

Vusi Nova is still trying to heal from a five-year relationship that left a gaping hole in his heart and he uses music as therapy. 

Vusi spoke to TshisaLIVE about the heartbreak that has become an inspiration for some of his iconic hits, including his latest offering Ndizakulinda from his upcoming album.

He said the album would tell the story of love, heartbreak and moving on.

"I'm trying to tell people (in my music) that you can love a person and still move on. It doesn't mean just because you love someone you have to be with them. That is ridiculous. You can't, just because you love a person, sit there and stand for all their sh*t basically."

Vusi said that especially at a time where femicide numbers were at an all time high in Mzansi, women needed to hold on to the fact that at times love is just not enough and put their safety first.

"There are women, even men, that are in abusive relationships and they just stay there because that's all they know. Even if you love that person and they love you back, staying even though you can feel that something just doesn't gel is ridiculous," Vusi said. 

The singer said he wasn't downplaying working on your relationship to make it work.

In fact he said, it was always better to try and give it your best but always accept when it's over.

"It's okay to say, no, I've been through hell and back with this person, I have tried my best. Once the heart has made a decision to walk away then it's done."

Preach on preacher!