L-Tido tries to get Cassper & AKA to call a truce, but Cassper won't have it!

11 June 2018 - 12:14
By Chrizelda Kekana
AKA and Cassper will
Image: Via AKA's Instagram AKA and Cassper will "never" be friends in an ideal Cassper world.

Even though rivalry between Cassper Nyovest and AKA has been ongoing for years, L-Tido took a shot at trying to get the two to reach a real truce through a bet. 

L-tido recently just released a song with AKA, after they had beef about ten years ago, and he wanted to impart the "spirit" of squashing beefs with Cassper by encouraging him to "become friends" with his hip-hop rival AKA.

Cassper and L-tido were having a conversation about playing soccer, which led them to the idea of a five-on-five soccer match with teams consisting of rappers to see who got the skills.

They pair went on to explain the game rules and the prizes they wanted to play for.

Cassper told L-tido that upon winning, he would choose the date to drop the collaboration they've recorded, then L-tido said if he won, Cassper had to make friends with AKA.

That request got a flat no, from Cassper. He clearly ain't about that life.

Meanwhile, the date for #FillUpMosesMabhida is out and the Tsibipians are already losing their minds...

The save the date is out and the "save money for the road trip" Whatsapp group has been opened.