WATCH | Female officer bae has got the internet admitting their crimes

11 June 2018 - 06:00
By Kyle Zeeman
A female officer has been heating up the internet.
Image: Via Twitter A female officer has been heating up the internet.

If you think that crime in this country is spiralling out of control faster than some rapper's careers, CSI Twitter jokingly think they may have found the reason for the spike.

Her name? Female Officer Bae or Mrs Officer.

A video of our new national keypoint was posted on social media recently and has been shared by more thirsty people than those standing in line for the tap in Cape Town.

Even malume DJ Tira jumped on the train, sharing her video next to the caption "guilty".

And it seems the officer has been casting spells over many more, with Twitter users hilariously making up crimes they had committed in the hope of being arrested by the beauty.

The crimes range from stealing a friend's charger to being a false witness. Anything to get her attention.

Some Tweeps were even willing to go back to school to learn this crime thing.