DJ Zinhle talks her money game & how she keeps her finances on track

12 June 2018 - 12:12 By Jessica Levitt
DJ Zinhle speaks money.
DJ Zinhle speaks money.
Image: Instagram

We all know that social media is not real life, despite what people may want you to think. DJ Zinhle, who recently finished building and furnishing her house, said that she's evolved in her relationship with money and was taught from a young age to work hard.

She was on The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield and said that as a young girl, when people used to give her money, her mother would make her return it.

"My earliest memory of money is rules. If an uncle and friend would give us money, my mom would make us return it because she said we had asked for it and that was not okay."

She said that she invested a lot of her money but used a lot of it when she was pregnant with Kairo and had to take seven months off because of "complications" and also built and furnished her house.

But she learnt early on that she had to have other revenue streams to sustain her should her DJ life stall or come to and end.

As a DJ she said that she's only ever missed five shows because she realises that one moment for you being on stage translates to a lot of moments for other people and she made a decision early on to respect people's time and money and not let them down.

As far as bad spending habits go, Zinhle said that it would probably be shopping and helping out family.

"Some of us have family who are always asking for money and you have to help out somewhere and you are not able to say no."

But she's learnt to balance herself, recalling a situation where she was recently headed to Sandton to buy herself a bag and then u-turned when she realised she needed curtains for her house.

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