Ann Malinga on raising children to disregard society's pressure

13 June 2018 - 14:11 By Karishma Thakurdin
Ann Malinga has raised her son to stand out.
Ann Malinga has raised her son to stand out.
Image: Via Instagram

It's no secret that Robbie and Ann Malinga's son, Robbie Jnr has faced a fair amount of criticism over the past few weeks for taking over his dad's Instagram page, but his mom doesn't seem fazed. 

Robbie Jnr got tongues wagging after fans suddenly noticed that he started sharing pictures and videos on his dad's page. 

The 17-year-old's flashy lifestyle which include designer clothes, watches and flashy cars, has become a topic for discussion over the past few weeks. 

While his mom Ann has been relatively silent on the commentary surrounding her child, her latest Instagram post speaks volumes. 

Ann shared a motivational quote about teaching daughters that it is okay if people don't like them. She said that this message was also apt for parents with sons. 

"Not only Daughters Sons too.  Love them so much that they don’t feel the need for society’s approval of who they truly are." 

She added that parents should teach children that it was okay to stand out. 

"Don’t raise children that feel the need to please society to fit in or try hard to be liked, raise Confident God fearing children not  NOT Society fearing low self esteem children." 

During an interview on TouchHD earlier this week, Robbie Jnr said he was not bothered by what people thought about him. 

"How people see me is not my problem or concern, I do whatever makes me happy."