Redi Tlhabi on Xolani Gwala's health: 'My darling friend is still standing'

14 June 2018 - 09:55
By Chrizelda Kekana
Redi Tlhabi has shared a positive update about Xolani Gwala's health .
Image: Via Twitter/Redi Tlhabi Redi Tlhabi has shared a positive update about Xolani Gwala's health .

Close friend and radio personality Redi Tlhabi has revealed that Xolani Gwala is putting up a brave fight in the face of colon cancer and is "exceeding all expectations". 

Nine months ago Xolani left fans across the country shocked when he revealed that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer and would be off air. 

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Redi gave followers an update on Xolani's health. 

"(His) previous operation went very well. But remember it's not a sprint but an ultramarathon... There are a few more steps ahead. But I promise you... Xolani is exceeding all expectations," she wrote.

Xolani underwent surgery to remove a tumour and started chemotherapy last year. 

Redi added that Xolani was his "usual self" and was "still standing" which was significant in the fight against the disease. 

Shortly after revealing his diagnosis, Xolani spoke to Drum magazine, saying that he was not ready to die. 

"Family is at the centre of this entire thing. It's your family that makes you stay positive. I'm not ready to die yet." 

Xolani added that he hopes to raise awareness about cancer because it can happen to anyone. 

Redi's update was highly appreciated by many of Xolani's fans. They thanked her for the update and continued to wish Xolani a full recovery.