Zinhle supports AKA & 3 other mega moments from the#TouchMyBlood party

14 June 2018 - 10:09
By Kyle Zeeman
AKA held a secret listening party for his latest album, Touch My Blood.
Image: Via @blaq_smith/ AKA's Instagram AKA held a secret listening party for his latest album, Touch My Blood.

While most of Mzansi huddled around their heaters on Wednesday night trying to battle the cold, a basement in the heart of Jozi was the hottest place to be for AKA's Touch My Blood "secret" listening party.

It may have had a hint of those 'Ye listening sessions we see online but from the moment AKA came through the doors to kick off the session, it was clear this was his party.

But just a few minutes in, it was his baby mama DJ Zinhle who commanded everyone's attention when she walked through the packed crowd with their daughter Kairo to support the rapper.

While the whispers could not be ignored amongst people in the crowd - Zinhle herself said in an interview a few weeks ago that they're in a good space. So guess this was a simple display of that. 

Daddy duties 

One of the cutest moment was when AKA sat with his daughter Kairo as he dedicated a song to her. The last track on the record even features the toddler saying "Touch My Blood" and "Love you, dad".

Jump to the last minute of the video to hear her cameo.

Dance... if you want

The Mega started the session telling everyone that they should feel free to dance or sit wherever they wanted. It made for a chilled mood, with the rapper even grabbing his mom to do an impromptu dance in the middle of the session. There were also random people making their way to the front for selfies in what seemed like a never ending stream of camera flashes.

The Mega said Touch My Blood was his most honest album yet and that he  mixed this honesty with a whole lot of experimental sound and samples from Lagos to Langa

Only time will tell if it is his best.