#TouchMyBlood is finally out… So what's the verdict?


15 June 2018 - 09:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
AKA has dropped Touch My Blood, an album he has said will be his last.
AKA has dropped Touch My Blood, an album he has said will be his last.
Image: Via Instagram

After a lot of hype (a crazy amount of hype) around what is set to be AKA's final album, the time has arrived to judge whether it was all worth it, and it seems the answer is an overwhelming yes!

The megacy was so excited about the album that most of them had pre-ordered the album while many took to social media to document their early bird journey to the shop where they bought the physical copy of Touch My Blood.

Tracks like Magriza featuring Kwesta and Daddy Issues seemed to be a win across the board. AKA's fans have labelled the album a classic... that time it's only a few hours old.

Needless to say that AKA's fans have turned Friday into Touch My Blood Friday and they had the memes to express just how happy the mega has made them.

There weren't many naysayers and the few that were present didn't really know what exactly it is about the album that they hate.  

One critics said autotune was a problem, while another said AKA was fake and another person just outright called the album trash.

At this point, it seems even Tsibipians actually like the music or maybe they are practising good manners... You know, if you have nothing good to say...

While AKA's fans are lowkey hurt that this is his last album, it seems they are sold on every single track.

Therefore, the verdict simply stated in the words of the newly famous Rob Mally...  ISS TOO MUCH!