Forget the vosho, these Cassper dance moves will leave you twisted

16 June 2018 - 12:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Cassper Nyovest has got some real moves.
Cassper Nyovest has got some real moves.
Image: via Cassper Nyovest Instagram

The streets are saying that the vosho is soon running out of petrol and heading towards its expiry, so perhaps we can all take a minute to learn this crazy dance?

Cassper left fans with their heads spinning at a show recently when he busted a serious move or two that looked like it was from another planet. Of course, we know that Cassper is leadership when it comes to dancing , but this was a whole wow!

A video of the performance was shared online and quickly spread as people lost their minds over the moves.

Let's break it down bit by bit.

First you step back

Do a step and twirl

Move backwards like you playing a piano

And slide into a young gwara gwara.

A few more steps for the culture...

Add a kick for good luck and you're set