Hol' up? Did Cassper Nyovest just say AKA provoked him... again?

It looks like the #TouchMyBlood after party was more lit than we all realised!

20 June 2018 - 10:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Cassper Nyovest says he has no respect for people that resort to violence, apparently like AKA.
Cassper Nyovest says he has no respect for people that resort to violence, apparently like AKA.
Image: Via Instagram/Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest says he has "no respect" for AKA after the Supa Mega apparently "provoked" him over the weekend.

The pair have had an ongoing feud for close to four years now, and despite one occasion in which their meeting allegedly became violent and physical, they have kept their beef alive in the music.

However, it seems the feud is getting more heat and Cassper claimed that AKA came for him this past weekend.

According to comments from their followers, Cass showed up at AKA's Touch My Blood after party and it didn't "end" well. But Cass told fans on social media that he walked away after the incident, saying: "innocent people get hurt cause of this dumb sh*t" 

The revelation came just hours after the untimely death of 20-year-old rapper Xxxtentation. Cassper took to Twitter to share his thoughts and to reflect on what XXX's death has taught him, especially since there were speculation that his death was linked to hip hop beef.

He spoke about how dudes stay provoking him.

Seeing that he was beating around the bush, one follower asked him straight up if AKA had provoked him this past weekend, and Cass spilled the tea.

Cassper's reply send ripples throughout Twitter. His fans encouraged him to be the bigger guy in the whole issue, while AKA's fans asked him why he always wanted to play the victim.

Someone asked him why he didn't take the matter to the police.

Cassper implied that from his previous experience of a similar matter, he believed his rival was capable of getting the case thrown out of court.

AKA didn't respond directly to Cassper but instead asked what on Earth he was talking about this time. He also later asked his fans to follow his lead on how to deal with things.

However, his manager and partner Prince Nyembe was not about to keep quiet and let Cassper "drag" AKA.

So he replied to Cassper, asking him why he felt it necessary to come to the Touch My Blood after-party and always seemed to be chasing after the Mega?

Cassper blue ticked anyone who wasn't buying his story, including Prince and AKA.

He continued preaching the message of not resorting to violence, and claimed he wanted to teach his fans how to live in a positive world.