Denise Zimba STILL thinks Ayanda Thabethe is 'pretty but can't present'

Twitter was distracted from listening to more of Denise Zimba's #BehindTheStory after she 'dissed' Ayanda Thabethe... again!

21 June 2018 - 11:02 By Chrizelda Kekana
Denise Zimba won't hold back her truth for anyone or anything.
Denise Zimba won't hold back her truth for anyone or anything.
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Looks like the current trend on entertainment television is to bring up old beef in order to understand what was happening when it started, and Pearl Thusi did exactly that with Denise Zimba on Behind The Story.

Pearl had Denise as a guest on her show this week to discuss some of the things that people had said about her in the past. She mentioned headlines like "Zimba says no to Ayanda Thabethe talent" and later said she had also had questions like "Uh, what does she do kana?' asked about her career. 

She was also asked about a comment she previously made about Ayanda Thabethe that first left Mzansi shook.

If you need a recap: When Denise was featured on the V-table in 2017, she took jabs at Ayanda, saying she's pretty but can't present.

So, Pearl asked Denise what was behind her reason for saying such things about Ayanda.

Denise wasn't about to swallow her words and explained once again that it was her truth and she still doesn't think Ayanda Thabethe has any presenting skills.

"She is f**ken beautiful but still can't present," Denise said.


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Twitter was shook all over again, with many saying it was "unnecessary". 

But Team Denise had its numbers agreeing with her... *stares in awkwardness galore*

There's a line between being frank and being rude right? Or are we just being sensitive?

Anyway, Twitter loved the rest of the interview, and shared some of their favourite moments.