Marc Lottering's new gig: No one is safe, not even Ashwin Willemse

25 June 2018 - 07:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Marc Lottering is going to host a new stand-up comedy show in Joburg.
Marc Lottering is going to host a new stand-up comedy show in Joburg.
Image: Supplied

Comedian Marc Lottering has been making us giggle and (almost) wet our pants with jokes about current affairs for years and the star is heading to Joburg again next month to joke about his life and the storm around Ashwin Willemse.

Ashwin has been trending more than AKA's rants lately after he walked off the set of a SuperSport show live on TV last month.

While Ashwin has yet to break his silence on the matter, Marc told TshisaLIVE that the incident would form part of the material for his upcoming stand-up comedy show Lottering at The Lyric at Gold Reef City on the July 8.

"The show is on the only day that there is no World Cup soccer. I talk about stuff that has been going on in the world, about my life. I talk about my friend Ashwin Willemse. It is very interesting because a lot of people are upset about a lot of stuff (around the incident). One thing that upset me about it was the fact that I realised on Facebook how many people couldn't spell "quota". I am going to talk a bit about how that annoyed me."

Marc has BEEN cracking jokes about current affairs ever since he burst onto the scene over a decade ago.

So does he ever get into trouble for his jokes? 

"Most of my brand is like I am in a beauty pageant top three and trying to say the right things and keep everyone happy. That has kind of been the flavour of my work and the taste I want to leave behind. I am built that way. I have offended people along the way, but it is about how far you go."

The 50-year-old funny man has had some changes in his life too.

He took a break from stand-up for a bit to go into theatre and was also told by doctors to change his diet and have a colonoscopy, all material for his upcoming show.

"I was cleared and everything was fine. I am good. The doctor also made me go gluten free. It is flipping weird. It is a very trendy thing in Cape Town and there are very strange people in the health shops where I now go shopping. For years, I looked down on them, now I am one of them," he joked.