'Don't ever disrespect me' – 3 Emtee clapbacks that had the streets ringing

26 June 2018 - 10:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Emtee doesn't back down from a Twitter fight.
Emtee doesn't back down from a Twitter fight.
Image: Via Emtee's Instagram

By now you know that Emtee has Twitter fingers more slippery than AKA's, so when the trolls came rolling in and throwing shade his way, the boy was ready with the ammo.

The star has been on his best behaviour of late, not responding much to the stream of hate that constantly floods his mentions. But something inside him snapped this week when he took on his haters head-on.

Like a Floyd Mayweather on the keyboard, he was weaving and jabbing until he delivered not one, but three hits.

Showdown at Vilakazi Street?

The trouble all started when someone rolled up and questioned his credentials. Emtee clapped back and soon the pair were quarter to making plans to settle their score on Vilakazi Street. Emtee later let it slide but was still super angry.

Your crew ain't sh*t!

Emtee's ATM crew are forever beefing with A-Reece's Wrecking Crew, with the streets always fighting over who is better. Word of warning: don't involve Emtee, unless you want to be told to go see your life.

I got more music than your favourite rapper

As Emtee was ranting about people and their assumptions about him, a follower suggested he focus on his music instead. Emtee made it clear he was always in the studio and worked harder than your favs. S👏H👏A👏D👏E