Lol! DA L.E.S just posted the funniest throwback

01 July 2018 - 12:00 By Jessica Levitt
L.E.S has always been in the party scene.
L.E.S has always been in the party scene.
Image: Instagram

Listen, young ones. You might know DA L.E.S from his music, lit Instagram account and famous white party, but back in the day before he had the dots between his name (ja, we know it's a brand thing) L.E.S was a club regular and poppin them bottles behind the DJ.

So, who was the DJ? Well, Milkshake. With a very different hairstyle.

L.E.S posted this epic throwback from ten years ago and even he can poke fun at himself.

"Bottles at 88, 10 years ago we were popping champagne and drinking it out of a straw. Don’t know why? We were jiggy & stingy at the same time. We still do shit different today. @djmilkshakeand I rocked a crowd without even looking at each other. We working on something proper trust me. 10 more years to come. 📸 THUNDA. COM?"

Ermergerd. Jussie. Issa a whole decade flashback. Give us some more, L.E.S