Thembisa Mdoda lambastes Twitter user over racist comments

04 July 2018 - 14:04 By Karishma Thakurdin
Thembisa Mdoda takes on racism.
Thembisa Mdoda takes on racism.

Thembisa Mdoda came out guns blazing against a Twitter user for racist comments about apartheid, which resulted in a heated exchange between the two. 

It is unclear if the user, who goes under the name 'Johnny Roodt', is a real person or if it is a parody account. 

The debacle unfolded on Twitter after 'Johnny' tweeted about being frustrated about the service at King Shaka International Airport. 

"Bags have been dribbling out a few at a time for 25 minutes. One of the things I hate most about ending Apartheid…is that our civilisation has to be reduced to theirs," tweeted the user. 

Things spiralled out of control after Thembisa told him to get his own bag. 

Thembisa did not hold back and tackled the user head-on over the comments. 

The user then hit back with more racist remarks. 

Thembisa then fired back with a powerful clapback. 

"And still, here are you, acting just below that particular pedigree. Well done boy. Well done !!!"