Cassper says if Jesus & Mandela were hated, then hating him is inevitable

According to Cassper Nyovest extreme hate is a mark of how great you are.

05 July 2018 - 12:24 By Chrizelda Kekana
Cassper Nyovest is highly active on Twitter.
Cassper Nyovest is highly active on Twitter.
Image: Via Instagram/CassperNyovest

We all aspire to be great and there are always people who inspire the greatness in us. And according to Cassper Nyovest all those people have a congregation of haters and that is how they know they are great.

The rapper, who has a become a Twitter war leader, took to the social media site to tell one of his now two million followers that he believed his greatness meant that he would get major hate.

Just as Nelson and Jesus did...

This was after one tweep renounced him as a worthy role model because of his "show off" tendencies.

But when one of his loyal Tsibipians said people just needed to understand the divine gift that is Cassper, he stroked Cassper's ego up nicely.

That's when Cassper went and, uhm, compared the level of hate he gets to that of Nelson Mandela and Jesus. (Yes, the Jesus).

There were various responses to the statement, ranging from people saying Cassper's statement is blasphemy to those saying he can't even try a Mandela comparison because Mandela went to school.


Check out the other reactions below:

One tweep just posted a video, telling Cassper to stay away from comparisons... because well they don't help anybody.