Phew! Kea lives but Twitter isn't sold on that bulletproof story

05 July 2018 - 09:34 By Chrizelda Kekana
Dineo Moeketsi plays Kea Khoza on The Queen.
Dineo Moeketsi plays Kea Khoza on The Queen.
Image: Via Instagram

Crisis avoided! Fans found that all the panic attacks they endured on Tuesday night were for nothing because their beloved Kea Khoza was alive and well. This after, she was shot at by TGOM and Goodness.


Well, she was driving mommy's car and mommy's car is bulletproof!

Despite all the panic tweeps endured thinking Kea had died, some were disappointed to find that she wasn't even harmed.

It wasn't really that they wanted her to die, but... a lil more drama would have been nice, like a scratch'nyana or something to that effect, so said Twitter.

However, majority of tweeps were just really happy to see Kea unharmed.

So tweeps went ahead and cancelled the designer clothes they were about to buy for the funeral.