IN MEMES: It's Jerry's task force vs Diamond, Twitter's only rooting for 1

06 July 2018 - 09:35 By Chrizelda Kekana
Actor Shona Ferguson plays Jerry Maake on The Queen.
Actor Shona Ferguson plays Jerry Maake on The Queen.
Image: Via Instagram

Jerry Maake is not just a regular cop... nah fam, Jerry is a super cop and last nightThe Queen viewers cheered him on as he attempted to save Vuyiswa from Diamond. It's definitely been a thrilling ride too.

Diamond Mabuza, a villain, who recently returned for his revenge on Jerry and all his other enemies thought he had the upper hand on Jerry until Vuyiswa gave Jerry a coded message.

Coded hostage messages? Talk about FBI, American television CSI level stuff!

However, the scenes got even more intense when Diamond also realised Vee was giving a coded message. So now the villain and the hero are neck on neck, but best believe Twitter is rallying behind their very own Robocop.

They had the memes for him too.

Night after night... The Queen is getting more and more intense.

Meanwhile we are just here like: