LISTEN | Khuli Chana pours his heart out in unreleased song

06 July 2018 - 12:06 By Chrizelda Kekana
Khuli Chana's fans are calling for more music from the rapper.
Khuli Chana's fans are calling for more music from the rapper.
Image: Via Instagram

Fans of Khuli Chana have gotten to the point of begging the rapper to release the songs he's been teasing them with religiously on Thursdays. And his recent personal post on Twitter didn't help buy him more time either.

His fans are ready for him to release the music.

Khuli shared that the unreleased track is titled Diary of Motswakoriginator and although he couldn't confirm if or when he would drop it officially, he felt he need to share.

"This week I want to sit down and talk about what's real. My power doesn't come from my accolades, business deals or material things, my struggles strengthen me. I'm grateful for the good and the bad."

In the 2:15 clip, the rapper speaks about his personal issues with his father, asking "Ten years later, everything is looking good but not me and pops. I wonder how he felt after he heard I got shot, because he didn't even bother reach out."

He also goes on to address the people always asking him when he's tying the knot, he said, "Wish I could tell you but like time, I'm still connecting these dots."

Listen to the song below:

Fans just can't get enough of the Motswakolista and they didn't hold back their praise.

They are ready for the rapper to release an EP.