Zizo: You can't let the opinions of others govern your life

07 July 2018 - 14:00 By Jessica Levitt
Zizo Beda says everybody has tough days.
Zizo Beda says everybody has tough days.
Image: Instagram

Zizo Tshwete is filled with words of wisdom these days and we're here for it.

She said that many people create unrealistic expectations of themselves and then beat themselves up with those come falling down.

She said that even though she is always laughing and smiling, she does have her tough days. 

"Working in the public space doesn’t leave much room to be vulnerable because we are often so attached to what people will think of us. We are afraid of the harsh comments that will come with just being yourself. "

She dedicated the message to people who are going through a lot and just trying to get through the day. She said she hoped that people find their source of strength and allow for time to process feelings.

"None of us have it all figured out all the time. We remain faithful in God’s power. Today more than ever I am so blessed to know that ‘I am safe in the shadow of [His] wings’."

Preach, guurl!