Unathi is owning life & ain't about to stop now

08 July 2018 - 09:00 By Jessica Levitt
Unathi wants more.
Unathi wants more.
Image: Instagram

Unathi Msengana has always kept her private life, well, private. Whether she was happily married or going through a separation, she's kept her cards close.

But one thing that has changed is her sense of positivity and the fact that she puts it out there for her fans on social media. There's no fake Instagram life. She's been on a body evolution and is frank about the tough days. The days where motivation is scarce. But she pushes through and the results have been rewarding.

The radio and TV personality, singer, mom and posted a picture of herself in gym gear and said that even though she is thriving, she is ready for more.

"LOVE days like THIS. When I wake up saying to myself ‘Mogherl you’re a thriving single mother, your glow up is strong, Idols starts on Sunday, you go on tour next month, you turn 40 at the end of the year!!!."

And it won't end there.

"What more do you want!!!!’ And I say to myself ‘SO MUCH MORE’✊🏾👅 Goooooooodmorning."