WATCH | Former Miss SA Tansey Coetzee opens up about fertility journey

10 July 2018 - 07:12 By Jessica Levitt
Tansey Coetzee opens up about her fertility journey.
Tansey Coetzee opens up about her fertility journey.
Image: Instagram

Former Miss South Africa Tansey Coetzee, now Sodeinde, has shared her emotional journey to motherhood.

She said she and her husband got married in 2014 and started trying for a family immediately. But after a year and a half with little results, they looked for medical advice and that was when she was told she had stage four endometriosis and a rare case of a bladder nodule.

"We obviously didn't know it was going to be so difficult and hard for us to fall pregnant."

Despite this she said they "still had hope" and decided to have artificial insemination. After one failed attempt and stopping through the process of the second attempt, Tansey said they decided to give baby-making a break for a while.

They then gave it another go and were blessed with a princess.

Watch Tansey explain the full process below.

Miss SA 2007, Tansey Coetzee (now Sodeinde), opens up about her endometriosis diagnosis and the struggle she and her husband, Kolapo, went through to become parents. This is their fertility story at Vitalab. Music Credit: