Buhle Mkhize is dripping sauce in a revealing black cozzie

14 July 2018 - 07:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
Buhle Mkhize is #lifegoals.
Buhle Mkhize is #lifegoals.
Image: Via Instagram

Socialite and fashionista Buhle Mkhize is living her best life in Monte Carlo. 

While the rest of us are piling on the layers to brave the Johannesburg cold, Buhle is soaking up the sun on vacay. 

And she's already flaunting her summer body. 

She served flames in a revealing black cozzie and joked about how it quickly had women holding tighter onto their guys.

"The fun and funny part of rocking a thong to the pool is just how fast people grab their husbands and boyfriends. One was sitting right behind me. Now I have all the space I need for a picture." 

Here's what else Buhle has been getting up to. 

I am my own life goals😌

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