Steve Hofmeyr: I've lost a lot of income for criticising black government

16 July 2018 - 10:55 By Kyle Zeeman
Steve Hofmeyr says the boycotts against him have cost him a lot.
Steve Hofmeyr says the boycotts against him have cost him a lot.
Image: Gallo Images / Foto24 / Lisa Hnatowicz

Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr claims that several boycotts against him because of his outspoken views on the government have led to him missing out on "vast amounts of income".

Steve has come under fire several times for his "racially provocative right-wing" comments on political issues. He was previously reported as saying that lots of aspects of apartheid "were brilliant".

In an interview with The Citizen back in 2016‚ Steve was quoted as saying that he could trace back his African roots further back than EFF leader‚ Julius Malema‚ could and claimed he would not have supported the 1976 Soweto march by students because they rejected an Afrikaans education in favour of an education they did not pay for.

These and other remarks have led to several festivals and events boycotting the star, and speaking on the issue this week, Steve said it had hit him in the pocket.

After veteran journalist Lin Sampson claimed that she had lost many followers after sharing her admiration for Steve, the musician said he had made a loss but was not here for accolades anyway.

"I salute you. When I criticise black government or exercise freedom of speech or enjoy my cultural expression, I lose vast amounts of income to boycotts. Fact: we don't do this for accolades," he wrote on Twitter.

This sentiment was shared by another Afrikaans musician, Jay du Plessis, who said that he too felt the effects of speaking out.

Steve has previously said that he would retire from politics if people supported the festivals that boycott him.

"This year I am testing political waters. If Afrikaners, Boere and whites support the festivals that boycott me, I will know to step out of the debate and to not stand up for our interests," Steve says in a Facebook post three years ago.