Here's why Mo Flava finally returned to TV to work with Kelly K

17 July 2018 - 13:03 By Kyle Zeeman
Mo Flava is a judge on 'The Remix SA'.
Mo Flava is a judge on 'The Remix SA'.
Image: Via Mo Flava's Facebook

After three years away from TV screens, musician and Metro FM DJ Mo Flava is returning to screens to be part of another music reality competition.

The former Club 808 presenter is giving TV another shot and will be a resident judge on The Remix SA, a music competition where groups of musicians go head-to-head each week to make the perfect remix within a theme or music genre.

Mo said he received several offers over the years to return but he didn't want to jump at just any chance or be seen as that "music TV guy".

"Yeah it is a music show but it is different to Club 808. I'm really trying to focus my energy on developing young talent and this was the perfect opportunity. I needed something that I could relate to, that touches my soul, and this was a good platform."

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Mo will sit alongside Kelly Khumalo on the panel, with the likes of Dr Malinga, Reason, Moonchild and Amanda Black making guest appearances as judges. He said that the chemistry between himself and Kelly was part of what would make the show so cool. 

So expect tons of shade!

"I have worked with Kelly before, so it's not a unique experience, but she is fun and really receptive to a lot of things. For a show like this, we need chemistry and banter and she brings that."

So, who was his favourite guest judge to work with, then?

"Amanda Black was the most fascinating. She came from a musical competition, Idols SA, so it was interesting to see the show from her angle. She reached contestants on a different level and you got the feeling she really cared about the contestants deeply."