'Exposure doesn't pay the bills, so shove it!,' says an angry Skolopad

The entertainer is livid that people don't value her, but she won't have it because she didn't sign up to get paid in exposure.

18 July 2018 - 14:17
By Chrizelda Kekana
Skolopad says people that want to pay her with
Image: Via Instagram Skolopad says people that want to pay her with "exposure" must just leave her alone.

"I have worked too damn hard on my own exposure to be paid peanuts! I don't deserve peanuts or to be told I'm not worth what I say I am worth. Exposure doesn't pay the bills, so shove it." 

Those were the words of a fuming Skolopad after she exposed a promoter who tried to get her to lower her fee.

Skolopad told TshisaLIVE that being paid R4,000 when she asked for R8,500 was the same as attending an event for free and she could not do it because she has people who depend on her gigs for their bread.

This after, Skolopad took to Twitter to share a conversation with a promoter (who she preferred not to name) where they were negotiating her fee for an appearance.

Skolopad said in the screenshot that she would charge R8,500 for an appearance and host duties and would require that she and her team be accomodated and fed. The organiser complained that Skolopad's price was too steep and went on to add that her "demands" were unreasonable.

Skolopad explained that it wasn't an entourage of groupies or friends for fun, it was more a glam team. She said it was a designer, make-up artist and a photographer, all of whom she needed to bring her very best to the event.

The entertainer said this was an example of how promoters exploited upcoming artists and how their worth was constantly questioned. She explained that she would have gone if there weren't other people involved that needed to be paid.

"It pissed me off that I had to keep explaining that I'm not bringing my friends to have a good time. These people are also hustling and I can't pay them with exposure. So when I set a price, it's not that I think highly of myself, I consider things like travelling, what it takes to look good, the people that make me look good and the publicity I bring to the event. I am worth every cent I charge." 

Skolopad said she has also decided that she would only take gigs that are willing to pay what she asks because otherwise it's not worth it.

Us: Yasss girl! Know your worth!

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