The 411 | Here's how Moneoa got the nickname 'The Rose'

23 July 2018 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Songstress Moneoa has gifted Mzansi with timeless music.
Songstress Moneoa has gifted Mzansi with timeless music.
Image: Via Instagram

Ever went through Moneoa's social media pages and wondered why she calls herself The Rose? Well... you don't have to come up with theories anymore because she gave TshisaLIVE the 411.

When a person attaches their name and brand to someone or something, they do it because somehow it holds a deeper meaning to them and for Moneoa, her nickname The Rose depicts the story of her life.

The songstress explained that the nickname came from a fascination with imperfection.

“It looks perfect but it’s not. I don’t believe in perfection and I love the fact that not being perfect is what makes you so human.

“I’ve always been intrigued with roses. I like the fact that it’s a flower and it blooms and anything that blooms shows growth, openness and the ability to receive. I love the colour red, which symbolises love and passion but above all, the rose is a beautiful flower… but if you look closer it has thorns. If you don’t handle with care it will prick you.”

Moneoa said she couldn't remember the exact origin of the nickname but shared that the more she thought about it, the more she realised just how similar she was to the flower’s symbol.

“I know I am like the rose because I know I am beautiful but I have thorns, emotional thorns. I believe that I am beautiful and that I am a good person and I do my best to convey that all the time but I know I am not perfect. I am okay with the fact that I am not perfect.”

Moneoa also shared that part of the reason she’s embraced the nickname was because she found someone who loves her for who she is, thorns and all.

She laughed when asked if wedding bells were on the cards, saying that she was also still waiting for the cows.

“At the moment everything is looking and feeling amazing. I am happy and content and even looking forward to the day the cows come. But I believe in God’s timing and he’s always had my back so… I’m just grateful for love.”

If her single Ungowam Lo, which means “this one is mine”, is anything to go on then those cows are probably just around the corner.

Moneoa’s album, Ziphi Inkomo, has received a lot of love and all is rosy in her world currently.

“I’ve always received such good feedback and now it feels even sweeter because of the position that I am in. I am wiser, stronger and spiritually more in tune and everything is just more satisfying. Even if I don’t sell a million copies, it wouldn't be a train smash. As long as I am doing what God has set in my heart."