AKA guilt trips followers: 'The rest of y’all full of dog s**t'

The rapper orchestrated another PR stunt when he declared war on 'fake fans'.

25 July 2018 - 14:13 By Karishma Thakurdin
AKA has engineered another PR stunt.
AKA has engineered another PR stunt.
Image: Blaq Smith

AKA has caused a massive Twitter storm after he went on the rampage calling out 'fake fans,' who don't support his music. 

The frenzy started after the rapper was notified that he had over 3-million followers on Twitter. 

AKA questioned how it benefitted him to have so many followers on the platform, saying  he would rather have more fans buy his album. 

It's also evidently another one of AKA's PR stunts to promote his album. 

The rapper then asked fans to tweet pictures of themselves with his album, Touch My Blood. 

AKA made it clear that he wasn't bothered about losing followers, retweets or likes - he only cares about real fans. 

After an hour AKA then, as expected, admitted that it was all a "drill" to get fans to feel guilty over not buying his album.