Cassper promises more big deals and maybe even music

25 July 2018 - 06:36 By Jessica Levitt
Get ready, fam.
Get ready, fam.
Image: Cassper/Instagram


Nyovest is making moves, ne.

Just when we thought it was a wrap for him even though there's still a few months left in 2018, he's told his fans to hold tight, cause there's more coming.

He recently spoke about putting in the long hours for an ad and fans later got to see his face and music on a Shoprite ad.

Ja, guap.

Cass ain't shy to talk about his success and if you thought that meant 2018 was a wrap for him, Tsibipians get ready. Your king is ready to invade more. Take more. Entertain more.

Ready or not, he's coming.