Celebs forget fans are blessings from god, don’t crush them – Dr Malinga

28 July 2018 - 13:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Dr Malinga has some advice for celebs.
Dr Malinga has some advice for celebs.
Image: Via Dr Malinga's Instagram

Dr Malinga has taken a potshot at celebs who diss their fans, claiming they are blocking blessings from heaven by treating their faithful disciples like dirt.

Dr Malinga told the Trending SA panel this week that the secret to his success in the industry is that he knows how to treat fans.

"These people, they forget that God sent people to support them and they crush them. Celebrities. They forget that these people are customers and don't treat them as such."

He added that fans were a blessing from God and dissing them was like crushing God's blessings.

"God gave you people to support your career and when you are crushing them. You are crushing your blessings."

His comments came only hours before rapper AKA went on a Twitter rant about fake fans and said everyone who was an actual stan was "full of dog sh*t."

"I have 3.3 million followers on Twitter. To the ones that have bought my album, thank you very much. I love you. To the other few million of you f*cking around ...that’s why I don’t take y’all seriously on this f*cking platform. I have 3.3 million followers, why don’t I sell at least a million? Let me tell you why, because like 500k of you are like actual fans, the rest of y’all (are) full of dog sh*t, walking round like I owe you something."

Back to Malinga.

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