READ | Connie Ferguson's emotional tribute to her mamma

29 July 2018 - 07:00 By Jessica Levitt
Connie Ferguson paid tribute to her mom.
Connie Ferguson paid tribute to her mom.
Image: Instagram

Poet John Donne famously penned Holy Sonnet X, also known as Death Be Not Proud, and its words continue to resonate for many who have lost someone.

Actress Connie Ferguson opened up about losing her mother and how she continues to wake up and expect a message from her. 

"Moms, I will never stop loving you. Never stop missing you. I cherish all the memories I have of you. Sometimes your physical absence still doesn’t feel real. Sometimes I think it’s all a dream, that I’ll wake up to a text message from you first thing in the morning. Those were my favorite!😇❤️."

In a tribute posted on social media on the anniversary of her mother's death, Connie explained that it was a particularly hard day as she remembered her mother.  In the sadness and grief, Connie said she found solace in the fact that her mom cheered her and loved her. 

"I believe with all my being that you have been most present in your absence, that you are advocating for us on the other side, cheering us on and celebrating our successes. I learnt unconditional love from you. It’s a legacy I carry proudly in my heart, knowing that you are and will always be there."