3 questions Twitter wants answered ahead of the new season of #TheQueen

The season finale had us wanting to give up on life and throw the TV away.

30 July 2018 - 13:38
By Kyle Zeeman
There was a bomb explosion on The Queen. Who survived?
Image: Via Twitter There was a bomb explosion on The Queen. Who survived?

Fans are counting down the hours to the new season of Mzansi Magic's hit soapie The Queen, especially since they have so many unanswered questions from the last season. 

The internet nearly came to a standstill on Friday as the season finale hit TV screens and viewers in all kinds of feels.

In the episode dubbed by fans as the #MzansiTitanic, Shaka and Mmabatho exchanged vows on a boat with many of the show's characters watching on.

It was a beautiful affair. Then the next minute Jerry was seen taking a boat to the ceremony and was being shouted for "gate crashing". Then to everyone's shock, Jerry announced that there was a bomb on board the boat.  

A whole bomb! On a whole boat! It's too much!

When the shock subsided, there were obvious questions like: Why was that cop pulling out a gun when people started screaming? Why did the violinist keep playing? And what happened to the food?

Luckily fans only have to wait until tonight (Monday night) to get the deets on what happened.

But ahead of the new season premiere, here are the three questions the streets want answered most.

Who survived?

We bet Harriet and Jerry. They are indestructible.

Will Shaka ever find love?

The writers like to turn weddings into a tragedy. Why always at Shaka's weddings?

Will Diamond ever see heaven?

We thought he had died. Now they must kill him again.


FBI Twitter have been looking for clues on who made it and who didn't. Read the tweet below if you're keen to see their prediction.