Does age really matter? OPW couple have the Twitter streets all messed up

30 July 2018 - 09:15
By Kyle Zeeman
Madimetja and Joyleen had Twitter talking.
Image: Via Our Perfect Wedding Twitter Madimetja and Joyleen had Twitter talking.

Love is blind, especially to an age difference, but can someone please tell that to the Twitter streets, who were feeling all kinds of ways at Madimetja and Joyleen's dream wedding.

The couple featured on this week's episode of Our Perfect Wedding and shared how they caught each other's attention at a friend’s graduation.

Joyleen said malume Madimetja took her breath away while she was getting ready to give a speech and before the pair knew it they were going out and planning a fancy weekend away.

The road to their engagement, during the weekend away, was like a whirlwind. Cava:


Next day: He shows up at her work.

Three days later: They go on a date and ring shopping. 

Following week: They go on a weekend away and malume proposes.

And while fans of the show were amused by the quick proposal, some were a little more concerned with the age gap between the two.

They were also amused by the pastor's overalls and his hilarious speech.

Maybe it was the trauma from a hectic season finale on The Queen but fans were soon joking about the show's Madimetja finally getting his happy ending on this reality show.