Rhythm City's Petronella is preggers and 'more prepared' this time around

31 July 2018 - 13:44 By Kyle Zeeman
Petronella Tshuma says she can't wait to welcome her little one.
Petronella Tshuma says she can't wait to welcome her little one.
Image: Via Petronella's Instagram

Actress Petronella Tshuma is preparing to welcome her second child and says that after years of raising her son she feels much more mature and ready than the first time around.

Petronella, who plays the role of Pearl on e.tv soapie Rhythm City, recently announced her pregnancy and told TshisaLIVE how things had changed since she last gave birth.

Petronella has a ten-year-old son, which she gave birth to when she was 18, and said that this time she is in a better space.

"This time I feel like I have it under control. I have my life together. I am more mature and have more experience. I am not really worried. This time I am more confident and relaxed. I am happier and have more support.

The actress says that she will only know for sure whether she is having a girl or boy in the next week or two, but is hoping for a girl.

"I always wanted a daughter. I want the whole mommy-daughter dates where we go get our nails done. I want to grow her hair and let her sport an afro. I really want that, but if I have a house full of boys, I am okay with that."

She confirmed that she will be taking a break from Rhythm City but said her bosses had been kind to her and so far worked around her pregnancy to allow her to be on screens for as long as possible.

"I think it is difficult being a mom and even falling pregnant when you are in this industry. I feel like in our industry, where we use our bodies to tell stories, we have to work very hard to prove our worth. That is why so many women wait until so late in their life to have kids."