From depression to hope, Dr Tumi shares his Wafika story to help others

01 August 2018 - 09:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Dr Tumi shared his Wafika story and he hopes others do the same.
Dr Tumi shared his Wafika story and he hopes others do the same.
Image: Via Instagram/Dr Tumisang

Dr Tumi's latest testimony about hopelessness and depression has sparked conversation about the topic and has seen the singer open up about his personal struggle. 

The gospel singer recently released his latest song Wafika, which was coupled with an intimate testimony about how finding Jesus saved his life, literally.

"When I started writing the song, the idea was to really inspire a conversation around what God has done in our lives. I thought of my story, that point in my life where I was at my lowest, thinking that life was a struggle. I had that turn-around moment when Christ walked into my life," Dr Tumi told TshisaLIVE.

Dr Tumi tried to explain his state of mind at the time.

"I think I looked at my life and I didn't even understand what my purpose was? Why I was alive and what the fuss was really all about. It was overwhelming for me to think, 'I just exist'. I was just going through the motions everyday and that got me really depressed over a good couple of months, I just didn't find any meaning to life at all."

Dr Tumi explained that as a PK, he grew up in the church and by default was expected to know Christ and to be figuring out this life thing.

However, life got increasingly difficult for the singer, who explained that he found himself sinking deeper into a state of hopelessness and even thought of taking his own life.

The All of Me hitmaker said it was in those moment when he decided to take his own life that he suddenly felt the overwhelming love from God.

He said he can't fully describe the feeling but that moment made him choose life over death. He said the moment was so intense and he says in that moment, he heard and felt Christ tell him "I love you".

"I grew up in church but I had never really had a personal relationship with God. I sang for him, I talked about him and I worshipped but I never knew him personally. But after that experience I walked out of that room and I searched for a Christian that I knew and said, I want you to lead me to Christ. That is when I found Christ for myself, it was a very personal moment."

The song, which is a single that may form part of an upcoming album, tells the story of the kind of love that changes your life for the better.

Dr Tumi also shared his excitement at the thought of bringing over 30,000 people into one place to worship. His Gathering Of Worshippers 2018 concert will take place on Spring Day and the musician said he was excited just based on the messages from people (near and far) that have bought tickets.

Last year, Dr Tumi filled up the Dome with 20,000 people, a milestone he was proud to reach.