I wanted to run away from The Hustle tag, says Big Star Johnson

02 August 2018 - 07:14 By Kyle Zeeman
Big Star Johnson is dropping his debut album later this month.
Big Star Johnson is dropping his debut album later this month.
Image: Via Big Star Johnson's Instagram

Rapper Big Star Johnson has done some serious growing up since shooting to fame on TV and explained why he's BEEN chilling on the edge of the mainstream hip-hop game waiting for his shot at glory.

The young rapper was the first winner of Vuzu's reality show The Hustle  and told TshisaLIVE he found it difficult to settle with the fame and label that came with such a win. In fact, at one point, dude even wanted to run away from it all and become a normal muso.

"When you go from being nobody to being somebody, everybody cares what your opinion is. I got a little bit shy and tried to pull back a bit to learn and observe. I wanted to run away from the tag and just distance myself from people's views and opinions of me."

While some expected the man to drop track after track to capitalise on the momentum the show had given him, Big Star instead sat back and kicked it at his own pace.

"I wanted to be true to myself and make my own kind of music. I put out an EP to test the waters but I just finished my new album and I feel like this is the real me. It's a chance to show people what I want them to know me for. Now I am ready to answer any questions because I am sure of myself and who I am."

Nothing will change you more than being a pops and Big Star said that his whole outlook on music and life changed the day he found out he was going to be a dad. His missus hasn't given birth yet but the star says he already wants to start carving his legacy.

"I want to show my little one that anything is possible. There is a power in doing, not overthinking or overplanning. You have to be free and tell your story. That is my legacy."

Big Star's album Me and Mine drops later this month, with pre-orders and a single with Kwesta dropping on Friday.