IN MEMES: That Uyangthanda Na's 'WiFi' pick up line was bound to fail

The minute Nkululeko spoke about WiFi connections, Twitter knew he was going to stay single.

02 August 2018 - 10:31 By Chrizelda Kekana
Moshe Ndiki is the host of Uyangthanda Na?.
Moshe Ndiki is the host of Uyangthanda Na?.
Image: Via Instagram

Wednesday's episode of Uyangthanda Na? reminded Twitter why some of these dating shows are really important for some people in Mzansi. After tweeps heard Nkululeko using WiFi as a pick up line, they understood. 

It's not easy to woo your greatest crush, no matter where you are in the country but when you are on a TV show being watched by the whole of Mzansi, it is a tad more difficult.

Nkululeko wanted to declare his love for Kamogelo but when words abandoned him, he resorted to pick up lines. A great mistake!

Twitter knew from the moment he said: "Are you the WIFI because I can really feel the connection", that it was all going downhill from there. 

As predicted, Nkululeko was rejected and tweeps were ready with memes.