Someone came for Unathi's toes, but she wasn't havin' it!

Her clapback was packed with so much heat.

03 August 2018 - 13:11 By Chrizelda Kekana
Unathi Msengana went in for a person that seemingly mocked her toes on her Instagram.
Unathi Msengana went in for a person that seemingly mocked her toes on her Instagram.
Image: Via Instagram

It's no secret that Unathi Msengana isn't shy to send haters packing on social media.

So when one Instagram follower decided to "mock" her toes, it's no surprise that things went down. 

When Trevor Noah joked about how when black parents discipline you, it's always "you versus stamina", he must have meant to include Unathi in that equation because when she clapped back, she had stamina for days.

Unathi, who is looking sexy and summer ready, posted a picture of herself at the gym, you know as she usually does.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the snap, except one follower, thought she shouldn't have made her toes stiff in the snap. 

Totally unnecessary, although the comment may have also been harmless. The person simply commented:"Toes?" 

Unathi jumped in to ask the person why she saw it fit to point out her toes.

Also what was wrong with her toes anyway?

*Side note: Let's all just take a moment to reflect on how that one word "toes" began this whole thing. Obvs akudlalwa la!*

What followed was a grand slam of enormous proportions from Unathi as she went back and forth with the follower who thought she was "over reacting".

*Grab your popcorn*

Okay, without wasting time. 

*cues boxing ring bell: ting ting ting!*

Vipviancakamoo: Toes?

Unathi: You’re the type that HAS to find something petty to say. Yes... toes... I have 10 of them that have taken me around the world. That have made me play hockey for South Africa and summit Mt Kili amongst many other things... what about my toes sweetheart?

Vipviancakamoo: Aw shame. They work out hard too. Ballerina vibes. Why are you sensitive? In my type as you put it? I played hockey too, travel too does not make you better than me, why (you) looking down on me when you could be looking at your 'toes' is all I said. Kom uit daar. Jou houding stink.

Unathi: No ones looking down on you sthandwa I’m reminding you that on my timeline. You will not make me feel less than enough. You’ll try and get fresh and I’ll remind you to know your place. You say I’m looking down on you yet nothing in my response said that. You feel that way because you look down on yourself. No self-loving human being would do what you did. Love yourself Mo'gherl.

Unathi: PS. I’ll clapback until the cows come home. As you can see by my posts I have energy for day.

Vipviancakamoo: ...and toes. So let's see. Clapback. Armpits?

Unathi: Love yourself. You’ll get tired. Coz when you point out my imperfections given to me by God, you’re exposing so much about your rotten soul Sthandwa. For my 603k followers to see. Let’s go!

Vipviancakamoo: Ohhh no one said it's not perfect darling, you just pointed out your imperfections, rotten soul? Is this how God fearing women approach each other? Nah you evil. Go to church, go stretch out your stiffness when u look down.

Vipviancakamoo: I used to be a fan. Now I'm toed out. Still love you on Idols. Pity you so mean and nasty... toe girl. 

Unathi to another follower trying to intervene: Please read her response to me asking what’s wrong with my toes. That’s why I called her a rotten soul. She went for my armpits and called me evil. Please know all the facts. Bless and love. I’m off to the gym.

*drops mic*

Sjoe mntase!

You think of that next time you go around pointing out people's imperfections!