Tsa Mandebele reflects on her son’s death: You’re in a better place now

03 August 2018 - 10:36 By Kyle Zeeman
Candy "Tsa Mandebele" Mokwena says she has learnt to accept her son's death.
Candy "Tsa Mandebele" Mokwena says she has learnt to accept her son's death.
Image: Via Candy's Instagram

It has been seven years since a car accident killed popular afro-soul singer Candy "Tsa Mandebele" Mokwena's son and the star is still struggling to pick up the pieces.

Candy's firstborn son Phetole died in 2011 and she took to social media this week to reflect on how he left the house that day and kissed her goodbye for the last time. She said that every time she heard a knock at the door her heart still thinks it might be him.

"It’s been seven years without you, but still when I hear the knock on my door, (I) think that it may be you. I’m missing you dearly son. R.I.P SON."

She said that the last seven years have been tough but she learnt to cope by accepting that he was in a better place.

"I accepted, learned and understand that you're in a better place now, in God’s kingdom," she wrote.

Candy has paid tribute to her son on the anniversary of his death over the years and this year also shared a message of hope to all women who had lost a child.

"To all mothers who lost their children know that you're not alone. God gives you all the strength to wake up and face another day with a smile knowing that you’re loved ones are in a better place in God’s heaven/kingdom," she added.

Candy shared a picture of her son's daughter who was only five-months-old when he died and said she got her intelligence and bravery from her dad.