Ntando Duma gives us a glimpse into juggling motherhood & being an entertainer

04 August 2018 - 08:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
Ntando Duma spends quality time with Sbahle.
Ntando Duma spends quality time with Sbahle.
Image: Via Instagram

Even though being a musician means lots of late nights and traveling, which leaves Ntando Duma exhausted, being a mom is still at the top of her list when she gets home. 

After a hectic weekend of shows, Ntando can't wait to get home to her bundle of joy, Sbahle. 

"I'm extremely exhausted from all the work and traveling I did over the weekend but there's nothing that excites me more than knowing that there's a little bundles of joy that is my Phatty Monroe @sbahlemzizi waiting for me back home." 

Even though Ntando was super excited about spending time with Sbahle, the exhaustion got the better of her. 

"I tried putting her to sleep and this is what happened  fell into it too! Yho.. Ikarele ngopfu! Ke kgathetse! Ke LAPILE tota! Ndidinwe Gqithi Good nightini guys!" 


Then to make up for being away, Ntando organised a fun-filled playdate with her daughter. 

Play date...❤️ @sbahlemzizi

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