Lvovo & other musos set to honour taxis drivers in Durban

05 August 2018 - 14:00 By Karishma Thakurdin
Lvovo plans to give back to taxis drivers.
Lvovo plans to give back to taxis drivers.
Image: Via Twitter

Lvovo and Distruction Boyz have teamed up to honour taxis drivers for their contribution in promoting kwaito and gqom music. 

Taking to Twitter Lovovo revealed that they would be hosting a braai on August 16 to show their appreciation to taxis drivers. 

Lvovo explained that the idea came about after he reflected on how kwaito and gqom music became popular, and the first people who came to his mind were taxis drivers. 

"Taxis drivers are the family members we take for granted but always support us even when no one wants to support us. When everyone was skeptical about this new sound called Durban kwaito music (DKM), taxis drivers took pride n blazed it till people loved it." 

Lvovo said that taxis drivers haven't been given a single 'thank you' for their contribution. 

"Siyabonga for helping us influence people with something new when radio or TV refused to take a gamble. All we see in taxis drivers are people who block the way in traffic or bad drivers." 

Lvovo said he hoped that the braai on August 16 will help show their gratitude.