Thenjiwe Moseley: Disney lies to us, we don’t need a prince to save us...

06 August 2018 - 08:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Thenjiwe Moseley believes women have supernatural strength.
Thenjiwe Moseley believes women have supernatural strength.
Image: Via instagram/ThenjiweMoseley

Even though women face several challenges on a daily basis, actress and comedian Thenjiwe Moseley is convinced that women were created with enough superpower and inner-strength to win at this life thing. 

Chatting to TshisaLIVE while she was on her way to Edinburgh for the biggest annual comedy festival, held in Scotland every August, Thenjiwe shared that women needed to believe in their inner-superpowers. 

She added that fairytales lied to girls all over the world by implying that they need a prince to rescue them.

"As a woman I have so many amazing superpowers. Being a woman is a truly amazing thing. To be a woman is to be a strong and resilient being, who is able to handle anything that comes her way. I don’t need to be saved or rescued. I am not a damsel. Disney lies to us, we don’t need prince's to save us, they need us just to stay alive."

Thenjiwe explained that as a woman, she was so many things to so many people, which she believed is a supernatural strength.

She said her ability to shift into so many different characters - from mother, daughter, sister, ex-wife, girlfriend, straight to a CEO and still give all roles her undivided attention and commitment, was a power like no other. 

The actress also pointed out that above all else, if anybody ever wanted to dispute the heroes women are, giving life to a child was all the proof needed. 

"I literally have the power to create life. As women, we are the vessels of actual life, if we decided to end human existence we could all just abstain, use contraceptives or abort. Our bodies are incredible, mind blowing things and if that’s not a superpower what the heck is?" Thenjiwe asked.

"As a black woman who was born during the apartheid era and was schooled through bantu education, I have the power to break the glass ceiling with my bare hands. I am out there every day fighting to be an equal, performing on international stages with people from all over the world, most cannot believe that I was taught English in IsiZulu. I am tearing down ceiling and taking my place at the top so that all the little girls growing up in the township can know that their dreams are valid."

Yaaasss queen!