Still don't know why Nicole Nyaba is all over your TL? Here's the 411!

08 August 2018 - 10:15 By Chrizelda Kekana
Nicole Nyaba is a model and a video vixen.
Nicole Nyaba is a model and a video vixen.
Image: Via Instagram

Nicole Nyaba is a name you should know by now but in case you're here like "what's the fuss about anyway?" We've got you.  

On Thursday night Nicole caused a Twitter storm after she threatened to leak nudes seemingly linked to her ex.

The video vixen first burst into the spotlight after several Sunday tabloids reported that she and AKA were allegedly seen getting cosy at an event. Both AKA and Nicole have denied these claims on numerous occasions. 

However, that hasn't stopped speculation that Nicole was AKA's side chick. The rapper was dating TV personality Bonang Matheba at the time. 

So now that we've balanced you about why Nicole is at the top of the trends list, here's a few fast facts about her: 

1. She was born and bred in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. 

2. Nicole's Linkedin account states that she studied towards a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Accounting and Finance qualification at Varsity College. 

3. Nicole calls herself a "seeker of knowledge".

4. The video vixen made a guest appearance in AKA's One Time music video.

5. She's a club host at some of the top clubs in Joburg .

6. Nicole and her squad are a MOOD. The party begins when they show up. (The evidence is on the Instagram)

7. She's planning on releasing a rap album. (Yep... sis says she's got the bars... and uh judging by all the files she threatens to leak, she might be a Pusha T in the making!)

8. Nicole does not take it lying down when things are said to upset her family.

9. She ain't AKA's side chick... (her words...)

At least now you have a better idea of why Nicole has over  80, 000 followers on Instagram and is still trending. 

Enjoy the tea!